Athletic Coordinator: Ronnie Brown

On behalf of Ms. Hunter and Mrs. McBride and the entire R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy Athletic Staff, I would like to thank our parents, teachers, administrators, support staff and fans that are passionate supporters of R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy Athletics.  Indeed, you play an important role in the success of our programs.

The success that R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy has experienced over the years is due to the commitment of our student athletes, first class coaches and supportive fans.  To be a student athlete at R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy requires a great deal of energy to balance the academic requirement with the time required on the field of play to excel.

Here at R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy we offer a variety of sports for both boys and girls.  Our boys’ sports programs include football, basketball and track & field.  On the girls’ side, we offer volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and track & field.

While winning games is a priority for our athletic department, learning valuable life lessons through the participation in sports is the ultimate goal.  We believe that participation in sports closely models life itself and provides an opportunity for our student athletes to grow and mature into rising high school teenagers.  Teamwork, commitment, discipline, leadership, hard work and sportsmanship are the expectation of our athletes.

Middle School Sports is like a dollar bill.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only get a chance to spend it once.

Ronnie Brown

Interventionist Specialist & Athletic Coordinator

Mayewood Middle School


Sports Eligibility

R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy athletic programs include football, basketball, track, volleyball and cheerleading.  Students who make any of the athletic teams will be expected to be present and on time to all scheduled meetings and practices.  Team members will also be expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner when representing the school.  R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy is a member of the SC High School League, and as a member, it must adhere to the league’s rules and regulations.  All participants in the school athletic team must:

  • Have parent permission form signed by the participant and the parent/guardian.
  • Submit a physical by a licensed physician, performed after April 1st of the previous school year.  Only the school’s form will be accepted.
  • Provide a valid birth certificate. The student must not be 15 years old before July 1st of the current school year.
  • Maintain passing grades in all core subjects and must be passing all core subjects in the previous quarter.
  • Pay a participation fee of $20.00.
  • Be a 7th or 8th grade student.
  • Adhere to all other SC High School League rules and regulations such as transferring from one school to another.

In addition to these requirements, athletic students are to wear academic attire except when the coach approves the wearing of team uniforms.